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Dungeon Legends 2 - RPG Game v1.05

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Jul 28, 2022
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Description Dungeon Legends 2 - RPG Game

Dungeon Legens 2 : Tale of Light and Shadow is a dungeon crawler Role Playing Game referring to old-school RPG's and featuring immersive atmosphere amplified by great graphics and sound effects.

The tale leads you into the ruins of abandoned castle, where deep in it's ruins you have to find the Dragonblood Crystal, an artifact of great power that will save your city from an army of darkness.

Dungeon Legends 2 takes you for an adventure to the world of light and shadow, where in light of torches you will find weapons, spellbooks, healing potions and much more, but in the shadows you will face beasts and monsters from the deepest nightmares.
To defeat them, you have to arm yourself, develop your statistics (Strength, Agility, Endurance, Magic) and use both steel and magic.

Dungeon Legends 2 features:
✔️ dark, immersive atmosphere of abandoned ruins, it's a game you should play at night alone with headphones to have the best experience,
✔️ 12 levels of dungeons – 20 kilometers of undeground world to explore,
✔️ over 30 types of beasts and fantasy creatures, giant spiders, skeletons, goblins, zombies, demons and dragons.
✔️ 700 items that will help you in your adventure – weapons. armors, shields, spellbooks, potions, torches and other accessories.
✔️ random system of distribution of monsters and items – you can play many times and each time it will be a different challenge,
✔️ meet NPCs living in dungeons that will help you in your journey, giving you interesting quests and offering help,
✔️ solve puzzles you meet on your way, find keys, open hidden rooms, deal with teleports, fireball traps and floor button puzzles,
✔️ 15 Hours of gameplay,
✔️ Elements of survival
✔️ Character development (strength, dexterity, magic, endurance)
✔️ Interesting quests to solve
✔️ Old fashioned Dungeon Crawler with a modern design,

If you are a fan of RPG games and you are brought up on the first Dungeon Crawler RPG games and you have a fondness for old style RPG games then Dungeon Legends 2 is the game for you!

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